Fortunately There’s Help Available

Fire and Water Damage Contractors

A good fire and water damage contractor understands that in hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters it may not be possible to delay repair until the homeowner reaches their insurance carrier for settlement but still will work with your insurance company to ensure proper processing of your claims. They may even be listed as a preferred service provider with your insurance company making the claim payment process even easier.

Storm Damage Restoration

Fire and water damage restoration services most often times are needed in the aftermath of severe weather conditions. Storms may involve severe rain, snow, ice, wind, hail, or lightning, which can cause a variety of types of damage to homes and businesses. Rain, snow and ice can lead to roof damage, flooding, water damage, mold. Wind and severe precipitation can result in structural damage to homes, garages, sheds, and other buildings. Strong wind and hail can serious damage the roof requiring a residential or commercial roofing contractor for repairs or roof replacement. Lightning strikes can cause fires resulting in fire or smoke damage even if the fire is quickly extinguished. Prompt attention from from a professional contractors can help homeowners and business owners with clean up and repairing the damage, before the damage becomes severe enough to create a total loss.

Water Damage

Several steps can help mitigate water damage, whether the damage is caused by clean water, gray water such as washing machine overflow, or black water such as raw sewage. First, all standing water including rainwater, mud, and sewage must be removed from the area to be treated by pumping or extraction. Special equipment is then used to thoroughly dry the building and its contents. Thermographic cameras as well as other moisture metering equipment is used to confirm that the area has been fully dried to prevent mold or other issues from occurring. Once the area is completely dry, the building surfaces and the contents are cleaned. In some cases painting or more extensive remodeling such as cabinet replacement must be performed. Experienced contractors can help clients determine which possessions can be cleaned and which must be replaced. Document and media recovery services can be used to help maintain or restore critical paper documents as well as film and electronic media. If mold damage does occur, Mold removal contractors can help identify and eliminate the source of the moisture and provide full mold abatement services including laboratory testing, cleaning, and removal of mold spores.

Lightning Damage

Fires from lightning strikes or other causes can result in structural damage as well as smoke damage and water damage from the water used to extinguish the fire. A fire and water damage contractor can help to assess the potential damages and take steps to minimize losses. Clothing, electronics, and other belongings can often be deodorized and restored to their original condition for much less than what it would cost to replace them. Fire damage and smoke residue can also be removed from the surfaces of the home, and structural damage can be repaired.

Wind Damage

Storms with strong wind and heavy rain can cause trees to fall on homes or other buildings, crushing the roof and causing great damage. Wind damage with lightning strikes can lead to a large amount of debris as well as potential structural damage. Your roofing contractor can help clean up the debris quickly and install tarps, boards, or other temporary measures to temporarily prevent further internal damage through the damaged. Their team can help assess any structural damage and provide or coordinate necessary repairs. They can work in partnership with your water damage restoration contractor to begin the roof repair as the water damage is being done. Getting the roof repaired as quickly as possible will eliminate further exposure to the elements and avoid in further damage inside the house..